Investment area of almost 28,000 sq. m. Using BIM, we designed the electrical and teletechnical installations for a new Municipal Center of Sport and Recreation Arena in Mielec.

The new Municipal Center of Sport and Recreation Arena in Mielec is a recreation and sports hall for more than 3000 viewers, a training arena, a warm-up room and section with a 25-metre swimming pool, an audience for 400 people and a SPA area. Size of investment: 27,859.5 m2, 160,220.88 m3.

According to the work schedule, the facility is to be ready in December 2021. What will it look like? See the visualizations prepared by the architectural firm Metropolis.


nowa hala sportowa w Mielcu Pradma


Wizualizacje nowej hali widowiskowo-sportowej w Mielcu - Pradma


Boisko przy nowej hali MOSiR w Mielcu Pradma


hala sportowa w Mielcu Pradma



The integrated work system at BIM is becoming increasingly popular on the Polish architectural and construction market. Architects (the group surveyed in 2015 and 2019) have shown a clear increase in both their awareness of the advantages (76% in 2019 against 46% in 2015) and their professional use of BIM (43% in 2019 against 25% in 2015).