See the new swimming pool at the Municipal Center of Sport and Recreation in Stargard. Our studio was responsible for preparing a BIM design of the electrical installations for the facility.

The new swimming pool at Szczecińska Street in Stargard will have 5 swimming tracks, will be slightly shallower than the previous one (up to a maximum of 200 cm) and will be separated from the recreational zone by a glass pane.  In the activity and recreation zone, there will be two pipe slides, water cannons, 3 jacuzzis, a rapid river, a fountain, rain showers, an air bench and water whips.


The concept of rebuilding and extending the municipal indoor swimming pool

Erbud is responsible for carrying out demolition and construction works, including installation works, land development and accompanying technical infrastructure. The scope of work also includes the construction of swimming pools, the provision of equipment and the maintenance of the facility for a period of one year.


Nowy basen miejski w Stargardzie Pradma


Jak będzie wyglądał basen w Stargardzie - projekt BIM Pradma


Nowa pływalnia w Stargardzie - projekt firmy Pradma


Projekt basenu OSiR w Stargardzie Pradma


The concept of rebuilding and extending the indoor swimming pool of the Municipal Center of Sport and Recreation in Stargard was designed by MD Biuro Architektoniczne.



Investment cost: over PLN 30 million

Contractor: Erbud, Szczecin Branch 

Investor: Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji OSiR Stargard Sp. z o.o.

Volume: 27,540 m3

Total area: 5,392 sq. m.

Usable area: 4,542 sq. m.