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Research and Development in the Electric Power Industry

We Augment the Reality

By following the industry trends and using the potential and creativity of our engineers to the maximum, we have started our own Research and Development Department driven by our passion for the Virtual Reality.

3D modeling, designing our proprietary VR applications allowing us to dive deep in the Virtual Reality has become the second pillar of our design studio’s activity.

Situating a person in a virtual space makes it possible to simulate difficult situations, practice mental resilience or teach them how to handle practical tasks which are crucial elements of the education process applied at the electric power faculties of technical universities.

We take physical objects to the virtual world and study the behaviors of the recipients. We augment the reality of your business every day!

We create experience

How do we use AR (Augmented Reality) in designing? By using the BIM technology, we create an interactive product model. The object includes all the technical parameters and forms a perfect image of the original.

The Augmented Reality makes it possible to place the virtual model in a real space, see it at any scale and position. Thanks to our application, we can demonstrate specific products to the client at any place and any time, using just a tablet or a phone.

To present larger and more complex objects, we use the Virtual Reality and the VR goggles. The technology allows us to see details of a model providing rich spatial experiences and the possibility to navigate and interact with the virtual world.

We study reactions

Virtual reality applications successfully help to deal with anxiety, phobias, PTSD, depression, autism or addictions. Scientists are still trying to fully understand the mechanisms behind the impact of the virtual world on peoples’ behaviors and attitudes. 

Can a training in the Virtual Reality help us build mental resilience? This is what we want to examine in a scientific and research project conducted together with experienced psychologists and experts from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

In another scientific and research project conducted with the participation of experts from the Warsaw University of Technology, we are working on a new product – a comprehensive, scientifically verified program designed as a training on the use of electric power devices.

We conduct scientific and research projects

Mental resilience and VR

How are VR and psychology connected? Are we resilient to stress and various experiences in the work, education and training areas? How can Virtual Reality help us here?

The goal of the project we work on together with experienced psychologists from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn is to build a program designed for the development of soft skills related to mental resilience in the areas of work, education and training using the Virtual Reality technology.

What does the project involve? Go to the Research Projects section.

VR simulator for electrical engineering faculties

We are working on an extensive, scientifically verified training and practice program for electrical engineering students as well as professionals dealing with electric power devices. 

The result of our work conducted with the experts from the Warsaw University of Technology will be a new product, a VR and AR simulator. The exercises will be situated in our proprietary mobile application. 

Thanks to 3D models of devices and products widely available on the market and moved to the Virtual Reality, we can carry out practical tasks with the students, which totally changes the way that standard classes are conducted. Find out more in the Research Projects section.

Electrical installation 3D modeling with BIM

The BIM technology allows us to build 3D models for the architecture, construction, sanitary and electrical industries. We build 3D models based on 2D documentation and laser scanning. We can map the actual state of an already existing object. Visit our YouTube channel to see what we can design for you!

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What can we offer?

VR applications
Interactive products models
Proprietary AR applications
VR devices usage tests and practical exercises
Internship or creative workshops
Participation in scientific and research projects

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