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BIM Association

The BIM Association is the first choice organization for individuals and companies wishing to follow the digital growth path. It brings together digital technology experts and developers of new digital solutions.

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BIM Cluster

The BIM Cluster is a cross-regional cooperation network. It promotes an open view of the use of innovative technologies in construction. The joint implementation of projects increases the competitive advantage on the market.

BIM technology in industry and business

BIM Design for Architects

BIM changes the planning, design and construction of public buildings, infrastructure and installations. Polish architectural and construction companies see many of the benefits of this technology. As a design tool, the BIM enables quality checks to be carried out regularly and changes to be made in one place. 

The biggest advantage of BIM is that it is possible to accurately predict the deployment of all key building elements at the design stage, effectively eliminating any gaps and potential human errors.

BIM in Electric Power Projects

Work with BIM optimizes the work of experts in many industries. At an early stage of the project, we can eliminate possible errors related, among other things, to collisions in the course of the network, thereby avoiding significant costs associated with subsequent changes in the location of the building installation.

The BIM technology provides full control over each element of the project, while saving time, facilitating inter-branch coordination and looking at real-time changes in the project. Thanks to the BIM associations, we have the opportunity to exchange experience. The joint implementation of projects increases our competitive advantage on the market.

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The new Wisła Płock stadium

Using BIM to design the electrical and teletechnical installations for a new stadium of the Wisła Płock football club. A facility with roofed stands for ca. 15,000 spectators along with the social and office areas and the necessary infrastructure.

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New UWM faculties

We designed the electrical and teletechnical installations for the new facilities of the Law and Administration Faculty as well as the Social Sciences Faculty of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

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New sports hall in Mielec

Investment area of almost 28,000 sq. m. Using BIM, we designed the electrical and teletechnical installations for a new Municipal Center of Sport and Recreation Arena in Mielec.

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