Inter-branch designing with BIM

Pradma is a team of experienced engineers located in two branches

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Pradma is Synergy and Precision

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BIM Design for Architecture

Order a BIM design of an electric power installation from our studio which uses the Autodesk Revit software. With the help of the tool, we generate floor plans, facade views, sections, combinations, 3D views and rendering. The modeling of information about the building take be carried out based on 2D documentation OR laser scanning.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Take the design of your investment to Virtual Reality. Accelerate processes and reduce costs. Thanks to the BIM technology, communication and the inter-branch coordination become simple and efficient. Our studio also provides full support with regard to the preparation of the VR and AR applications for designing interactions related to the product or investment.

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Electric Power Projects

Use BIM at every stage of your work on the investment. The BIM assumptions can be applied for planning, designing, management as well as performing the construction. Modeling information about a building helps to work on more complex objects faster and more effectively, providing thorough works schedules, advising on necessary purchases and investment expenditure at the same time.

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Innovative research projects

We pay a lot of attention to research, which will allow VR, AR and XR to have a real impact on various science disciplines, including psychology and education. We are involved in, among other projects, the assessment of the impact of VR on the development of mental resilience, we are also building a simulator intended as a training aid for university students of electrical engineering faculties – in cooperation with experienced experts from the University of Warmia and Mazury and the Warsaw University of Technology.

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Electric power installations designs with BIM – Olsztyn, Gdańsk, Warszawa. Pradma works strategically, preparing designs for individual needs of our Clients.

What can you gain? Acceleration of work, seamless communication, certainty with regard to the effectiveness of the solutions applied, extensive multi-branch support and cutting-edge management. 

Request BIM construction designs, BIM performance designs, BIM post-completion designs, BIM analyses, VR and AR product or services presentations.

Pradma – Your business is on the right track! We are moving upstream and augment the reality.

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