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Benefits of designing with the BIM technology

What is the BIM Technology?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) means modeling information about building facilities. The technology enables the creation of a virtual model in a 3D environment including all the possible parameters of the facility being designed.

As a result, we receive a comprehensive database about the building correlated with its detailed interactive model. We can then quickly and easily combine all the information required to manage the execution of the investment process and to conduct analyses or prepare reports, as needed. 

Thanks to this solution, designers from the different fields can quickly access the information they need.

What does designing with BIM involve?

BIM is a method which lives together with the building. It will let you see the final look of the investment, even before any works have begun. You can also track the changes in geometric and material data sets in detail, quickly analyze the investment cost and time frame and determine the required amount of materials. This means that you can perform your work better, with higher precision and faster than your competition.

The level of detail provided by the model, the ease of information exchange and entering modifications greatly improve the efficiency of the work not only at the design stage, but also during execution. This makes the BIM models more and more popular in Poland and around the world.

Construction Investment Execution with BIM

Planning, design, construction, operation – BIM can bring concrete benefits at every stage of the investment.

Our BIM model can be used for analyzing, testing possible design solutions, preparing technical guidelines as well as visualization. The model is used to generate the design documentation.

Using a single, common data base in the 3D environment makes the work a lot more efficient and reduces the costs, especially in the case of large investments.

Electrical and teletechnical installations in BIM

The BIM technology was created to enable quick and efficient inter-branch coordination. When designing electrical and teletechnical installations, we combine models from various fields, e.g. architecture, ventilation systems and prefabricated elements. We verify the correctness of information contained in the models and any potential collisions.

We send out reports about the collisions and combine elements of the models. When working in multi-branch teams, we organize regular coordination meetings. The ongoing exchange of data, comments as well as the entire control of the process is possible through the BIMcollab platform.

If we look at the inter-branch coordination from a wider perspective, we will see that it is related to every area of the collaboration based on the BIM models.

Projects completed with the BIM technology

The swimming pool in Stargard

Read about the concept of rebuilding and extending the indoor swimming pool of the Municipal Center of Sport and Recreation in Stargard. The project entails the separation of the recreation area from the water lanes. Our team have prepared a BIM design of the electrical installations for this modern building.

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The Wisła Płock club stadium

The investment is being developed in a modern “Design and Build” system. The stadium has a capacity of 15,000 spectators and a single level stand around the pitch. The facade is decorated with light shutters. The Western stand has a four-storey back-up facilities with premium sections.

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BIM Technology – Benefits

BIM technology for designing

Creating a better quality design documentation, with fewer collisions. Coordinating inter-branch cooperation. Easier verification of ongoing design documentation against the investor’s goals.

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BIM technology for construction

Works pricing and quotation made easier Supporting the change management process in the course of the construction. Easier payment settlements for measurement contracts Enhanced controls of the construction works progress.

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BIM technology for investment management

Supporting the works management. A huge database of information about the building. An up-to-date post-completion project. Optimization of operation costs. Refurbishment and maintenance works made easier.

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