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BIM Design for Architecture

BIM is applied in architecture, civil engineering and construction. Electrical installations, electric power networks and teletechnical networks are integral parts of a multi-branch construction project. With the BIM technology, we can offer you a conceptual design, analyses, comprehensive detailing and the full documentation.

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Electric Power Projects

Pradma offers a full range of electrical network and installation services designed for public utility, commercial and service facilities as well as residential, office and industrial buildings. Delivery on time, the know-how and a stable team of experienced designers is what has helped us form business relationships based on trust.

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Construction and Execution Projects

Planning, design, construction, operation – BIM can bring concrete benefits at every stage of the investment. Our BIM model can be used for analyzing, testing possible design solutions, preparing technical guidelines as well as visualization. The model is used to generate the design documentation.

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Innovative research projects

Innovation and new technologies are our world. We have set up our own Research and Development Department to search for new paths, solutions and connections. We work on research projects related to, e.g. the XR (Extended Reality) technology and the impact of the VR (Virtual Reality) on mental resilience of students. We are also developing a new product, a VR and AR (Augmented Reality) simulator.


BIM Technology Analyses

BIM allows you to see the changes in geometric and materials data sets, reduce investment costs and avoid collisions. We conduct feasibility studies and audits, and issue technical opinions. We work with high and low voltage (CCTV, DSO, IDS, fire alarm systems, access control systems etc.).

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VR and AR Applications

We are a modern consulting and engineering company operating in the area where engineering and IT meet. We build our own applications using the Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions in industrial and business environments. We take physical objects to the virtual world. The solutions we offer can be applied in any industry, regardless of the sector.

Pradma is People, Technology and Experience!

A strong team of designers

We specialize in the electric and the electric power industries. For our Clients, we conduct analyses, feasibility studies, audits, issue technical opinions, and also prepare construction and execution projects. Are you looking for openness, the will to take on challenges and top quality? You are in the right place!

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BIM Technology

When working with us, you receive a comprehensive database about the building (BIM) correlated with its detailed interactive 3D model. The Revit software allows us to design, coordinate the inter-branch work as well as document the electrical installations in a professional and timely manner. 

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We Augment the Reality

Rich spatial experience, the possibility to navigate the virtual world, have a closer look at the product or investment 3D model and interact with it – we build a virtual world where you can present your potential and improve processes in an innovative way.

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Completed Projects

The Wisła Płock Stadium

Using BIM to design the electrical and teletechnical installations for a new stadium of the Wisła Płock football club. A facility with roofed stands for ca. 15,000 spectators along with the social and office areas and the necessary infrastructure. The unique feature of the construction is a facade decorated with light shutters at various angles.

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Hospital in Białołęka, Warsaw

Designing a power supply system together with the internal electrical and teletechnical installations for the outpatient clinic and a one-day-stay hospital in the district of Białołęka, Warsaw. The multifunctional building of 4,000 sq. m. is intended to cater for the needs of the 115 thousand community of the district.

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New Facilities of the University of Warmia and Mazury

Designing electrical and teletechnical installations for the new facilities of the Law and Administration as well as the Social Sciences Faculties of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. A building of 7,000 sq. m. located at the University campus in Kortowo, in the immediate vicinity of the main exit route in the direction of Warsaw.

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The New Sports Arena in Mielec

Using BIM to design the electrical and teletechnical installations for a new Municipal Center of Sport and Recreation Arena in Mielec which can accommodate over 3,000 spectators. Investment area of almost 28,000 sq. m. The building contains a training hall, a warm-up gym, a SPA area and a 25 m long swimming pool complete with a stand for 400 spectators.

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