A remarkable spot in Olsztyn – Apartamenty & Lofty Dragonów – is a multifamily building with business and service spaces. We have been involved in designing the electrical installation in the multifamily building.

It is a stylish investment with a unique history on the real estate market. The cosy, 5-storey multifamily building is located in the center of Olsztyn, adjacent to the former historic municipal slaughterhouse and the Dragonów barracks.


Investment with soul

Thanks to the sublime architectural design and a uniquely stylized façade, the residential building is tailored to fit the atmosphere of one of the oldest parts of the city.

The remains of the former municipal slaughterhouse from the end of the 19th century will be restored and converted into service and commerce lofts. It is an ideal space for running local business.


Apartamenty Dragonów w Olsztynie wizualizacja - projekt Pradma


Apartamenty Dragonów - projekt i wizualizacje Pradma


Tak wyglądają wnętrza Apartamentów Dragonów w Olsztynie - Pradma


Apartemanty Dragonów o zmierzchu - Pradma


Pradma’s team of engineers worked on the design of electrical installations in the cosy one-family building.

Investor: Komercja from Olsztyn. Visualizations provided by the Investor.